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How To Maintain The Metal Butterfly Valve?

- 2020-06-18 11:12-

First, on time to clean the external

The outside of the metal butterfly valve looks more beautiful than other butterfly valves, so we have to ensure that its ornamental also at all times to the external periodic cleaning, especially when it has grease or stains outside, we should immediately use water to wipe it clean,

If the water cannot be wiped clean it can use non-corrosive detergent for external wiping.

Second, regular solid parts

There will be a lot of small parts around the metal butterfly valve to help it work properly, then in the use of a period of time we will be a regular part of the solid processing, so as to ensure that its small parts are not to be used to fall off to be able to longer, regular solid parts also have a benefit that is can always understand the metal butterfly valve situation,

The emergence of parts to send loose phenomenon immediately solid it can more accurately understand the overall effect of metal butterfly valve.

Three, long no closed switch

If we do not use the metal butterfly valve for a long time then we need to turn off the main switch valve, in order to avoid in the absence of a person in the case of metal butterfly valve will automatically work, we in unattended situation can not quickly handle processing, at the same time interval will switch off can be very good control of metal butterfly valve to get a certain rest, Can be more convenient to use when opening the switch again.

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