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Characteristics Of Floating Ball Valve

- 2020-06-18 11:12-

1, Advanced valve SEAT: Poly years ball valve manufacturing experience and design of the valve seat to ensure valve seal, friction coefficient is low, small operating torque, a variety of seat materials, adapt to a wide range.

2, switch the correct handle: the use of flat head stem, and handle the connection will not be dislocated, so as to ensure that the handle of the switch state and the valve a speech.

3, locking device: In order to prevent the valve switch misoperation, in the valve fully open, full close position has a locking hole to ensure that the valve in the correct position.

4, valve stem fly-proof structure: valve stem for the next installation, to prevent the pressure to fly out, at the same time in the fire, and the body formed metal contact to ensure valve stem seal.

5, the ball valve with a round through the hole of the ball as an opening and closing parts, in the stem drive the ball around the stem Center for 0~90度 rotation, the completion of the opening and closing function; Compact switch structure with rapid characteristics, rotating 90 degrees, you can close the valve, cut off the pipe media, the diameter of the ball channel and pipe diameter is the same, small flow resistance, large circulation capacity; Valve stem for the next type, to prevent the stem through the accident occurred, to ensure the use of safety.

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