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The Principle And Characteristics Of The Float Valve

- 2020-06-18 11:12-

The float valve consists of a valve arm and a float ball that can be used to automatically control the level of the water tower or pool. The utility model has the advantages of simple maintenance, flexibility and durability, high liquid level control accuracy, water level interference from water pressure, and tight opening and closing without water leakage.


1. The principle of the float valve

The float always floats on the water, and as the water rises, the float also rises. As the drift rises, the connecting rod also rises. The connecting rod is connected to the valve at the other end. When it rises to a certain position, the connecting rod supports the rubber piston pad to close the water source. When the water level drops, the float also drops, and the connecting rod drives the piston pad to open.


The float valve adjusts the liquid supply by controlling the liquid level. Full-liquid evaporators require a constant level of liquid level and are generally suitable for use with float expansion valves. The working principle of the float valve relies on the lowering and raising of the floating surface of the float ball in the float chamber to control the opening or closing of a valve. The float chamber is placed on the side of the full liquid evaporator, and the upper and lower balance tubes are connected to the evaporator, so the liquid levels of the two are the same. When the liquid level in the evaporator drops, the liquid level of the float chamber also drops, so the float ball descends, and the opening degree of the valve is increased by the lever action, and the liquid supply amount is increased. vice versa.


2. Features of the float valve

(1) The valve is provided with an opening and closing position indication;

(2) locking device;

(3) stem anti-fly structure;

(4) anti-static device;

(5) Fire protection structure;

(6) Unique seat sealing structure;

(7) The middle flange (the valve body and the left body connection portion) has no external leakage structure;

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