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Jiangsu Chenggong Valve Technology Co.,Ltd

We are professionally engaged in the valve design, manufacture and installation.

Address: No.2 Chishui Road, New North District, Changzhou, Jiangsu

Skepy: stonestone810

E-mail: info@cz-valve.com

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Valve World Germany Hall 5 ,5A26-1 Noverber 27-29

- 2020-06-18 11:12-

Welcome to see us at valve world

valve world Germany hall 5 ,5A26-1 Noverber 27-29

Fully welded ball valve

CG ball valve can be desgined and produce with different standards like API BS JIS .

Fully welded ball valve desgined by special seat ,make sure Low torque running and more long life operation

Underground installed valve ,Exstension stem make sure working in low Temperature and High Temperature .

100% 0 leakage .


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